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Unlock your inner genius

Unlock Your Inner Genius

Close your eyes. Think of a “genius.” Who comes to mind? 

Steve Jobs? Virginia Woolf? Martin Luther King? Albert Einstein? Mozart?

Geniuses appear in all disciplines, in all countries, under all sorts of names. 

There are whiz kids who hack into email accounts. Literary masters who leave you speechless with a single verse. Prodigies whose art of musical composition make you question whether there’s reincarnation.

Some have exceptional talent with digits, others with tonal harmony. A few connect wires for living and teach heavy objects to fly. 

But what about your inner genius? Does your genius have a name, a gender, a field of expertise? 

Is she good at baking pie crusts? Talented at chess? Maybe she can name the first 100 digits of pi by heart?

Perhaps she trains dogs to dance or parrots to sing the Star Spangled Banner?

Or do you presume: “I’m no genius!”

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Do We Idolize Genius? 

Our culture tends to have a tormented relationship with genius. We like to think of geniuses as troubled souls, crucified for their precociousness and damaged by the mundane world. 

Vincent van Gogh was a genius, but didn’t he cut off his ear? Marcel Proust, the acclaimed 19th century French memoirist, was a genius. But didn’t he live his life confined to a bedroom surrounded by cork boards? 

Much ink has been spilled on the relationship between genius and mental illness, but the results are negligible, at best. 

Not all geniuses live in anguish and affliction.

Do our romantic and flawed notions of human brilliance distract us from facing our own inner capacity for wisdom and insight?

What’s in Your Beautiful Mind? 

Directed by Ron Howard and based on the biography by Sylvia Nassar, A Beautiful Mind narrates the genius of American mathematician John Nash. Nash was a Nobel Laureate in Economics whose discoveries into game theory overhauled our ideas of strategy within complex systems. 

Russel Crowe plays Nash, a man whose powers of intellect prove so exceptional that he’s invited to the Pentagon to decipher messages in enemy communications. He begins seeing patterns in the text of the New York Times and imagines a special agent has assigned him the task of thwarting a Soviet plot. 

Doctors eventually diagnose Nash with paranoid schizophrenia. The clever mathematician, however, was much more than an illness.  

Perhaps we equate genius with illness because we’re uncomfortable with our own inner complexity, our own potential to penetrate the most difficult reaches of who we truly are.

Your Einstein Brain

It’s hard to argue with the genius of Albert Einstein. Has anything been the same since E=MC2? 

Was Einstein mad? 

Madly alive, perhaps. 

Moonstruck by beauty, the young Einstein imagined  himself riding upon light beams while wondering about the speed of light and the trajectory and relationship of time and space. 

”Imagination is more important than knowledge,” Einstein said. “For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

Does the key to your inner genius lie in your imagination?

Ignite the brilliance within you with Innercise – the app that channels the power of imagination to unlock your inner genius. Just as Einstein envisioned riding light beams and questioned the very fabric of time and space, your imagination holds the key to unleashing your extraordinary potential. Subscribe to the innercise® app now and embark on a journey where imagination fuels progress and innovation.

A Word on the Genesis of Genius

Not all cultures equate genius with the stereotype of the “mad” scientist. The Latin word “genius” means a “guardian deity that watches over you from birth.” It wasn’t until the 1580s that genius came to mean “a person of natural intelligence or talent.” 

Then there are genies, who are also “tutelary spirits.” They come from the French translation of the Arabic jinni from One Thousand and One Nights.

At the root of all those versions of “genius” is the Proto-Indo-European root gen– meaning “to give birth.” After all, geniuses give birth to new ideas, perspectives, and discoveries.

Where in the World is Your Genius?

However you wish to imagine your inner genius is up to you. 

Picture Albert Einstein riding a lightwave across your cerebellum. See Martha Graham dancing on the floor of your hippocampus. Imagine Mozart tapping away at patterns of clusters of nuclei as if those cells were a piano keyboard. 

There’s no one template for genius. Try this genius-invoking INNERCISE to get in touch with yours.  

Get your groove on. 

One trait that many geniuses share is their ability to predict patterns. Nash saw patterns in code. Musicians see patterns in melodies. Poets see patterns in words. 

To train your ability to see and feel patterns, try dancing, listening to, or playing music. Finding patterns in sound and movement help your brain to form new neuronal connections. That frees up your mental capacity for genius.


Your mood. Your mind. Your self-esteem. Bring it all up a notch. What makes you feel good? What gives you that healthy buzz? What, like Einstein, makes you feel madly alive? 

When you do things that improve your capabilities, you’ll innercise that genius out of hiding. 


Take note of where and when your genius comes out to play. The more conscious you are of your own inner wisdom, the more your Einstein brain can see things a little differently. Learn to trust that unique voice. 

Incite your insight.

Practice the art of “super seeing,” which is what “insight” in Pali means. Look beneath the surface. What do you see? 

Use it or lose it. 

Innercise your neuropeptides and neural pathways. You know what happens if you don’t.


Whatever ingenious things you do, leave the world a better place because of it.

Ready to unlock the genius within you? Subscribe to innercise® now and embark on a transformative journey that taps into the limitless power of your imagination. Picture your inner genius dancing, playing music, and elevating your mood to new heights. With innercise®, you’ll train your brain to recognize patterns, incite insight, and unleash your unique capabilities. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your mind, enhance your self-esteem, and bring your genius out of hiding. Subscribe today and let Innercise be the catalyst for a brighter, more ingenious you. It’s time to serve the world with the brilliance that lies within!

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