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How to Have Unstoppable Self-Confidence

How to Have Unstoppable Self-Confidence

What Stops You?

From making more money? From realizing your potential? From living each day more fully?

What stops you?

From exercising? From Innercising? From optimizing your body and brain? 

Some might cite a lack of energy. Or a lack of time. A few may say they’ve neither the skills nor the knowledge to take their lives, relationships, and careers to the next level.

You know the maxim: If you need to do something, you find the time. You find the energy. You learn the skills. You gain knowledge. You invite the right people in. 

What lies at the heart of most people’s hesitation is neither a lack of time nor a lack of resources. 

It’s a lack of self-confidence and certainty in one’s abilities. 

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Dethrone Your Inner Critic

Have you ever caught yourself saying: “I’m not good enough,” or, “good things never happen to me”? 

What about “I’m too old (or too young) to do this?”

If you question your abilities and reinforce your limiting beliefs, you may end up walking away from the things in life you’ve been called to do.

Your worst critic isn’t your older brother, your perfectionist mother, nor your cruel boss. Most often, your worst critic is you. 

Sigmund Freud had another name for the inner critic. He called it the superego. In Freud’s theory, the superego is one of three dimensions to the human personality. The other two are the id and the ego

The id seeks immediate gratification of all your needs and desires; it drives you to fulfill urges — like food, sex, and Netflix — as quickly as possible. 

The ego develops from the id to help regulate primary impulses and to find ways to express primal urges in socially acceptable ways. 

The id is like a horse, says Freud, and the ego is its rider. 

The superego regulates the behaviors and choices of the ego. It judges you for your ego’s equestrian skills. An aggregate of all the standards and ideals that you’ve internalized from your parents and your culture, the superego often speaks harshly and judgmentally to you. But that same force might also give shape to your aspirations and push you to live a life clearly aligned with your highest values. 

So why listen so agreeably to the inner doubts that stop you in your tracks? Why feed the thoughts that paralyze you with fear? Why focus on self-judgment? The internal naysayer? The shame and the blame?

After all, if Freud’s theory bears any wisdom, your superego might just as easily push you onward to higher ground. 

Why not listen to your highest aspirations instead of your lowly critic? 

You Have a Choice 

Are you in the habit of identifying and naming the thoughts, feelings, and perceptions that run through your mind?

If not, start practicing.

Here’s an instant Innercise. Once you realize your voices are only voices, your thoughts are only thoughts, and your feelings and perceptions are only passing and changing into something brand new — you can make room for inner freedom. See the internal chatter for what it is: impermanent. Open up the door to a whole new way of looking at the world. Imagine that all your thoughts are the effervescent bubbles of champagne. Some are positive. Some negative. Some are constructive and some destructive. 

Realize that you have a choice in which voice or thought you’ll follow. There’s no need to get onto every train of thought and take it for a ride. Have a say in how you speak to you. Have a stake in how you perceive your life. Whether you’ve lived a life of fortune or misfortune (or like most of us, a combination of both), where you go from here is up to you. 

We are wired to learn from our mistakes. Be receptive to the lessons. Everything in your life can push you to higher ground. All you need to do is flip the switch from judgment to awe, from blame to gratitude, from self-doubt to self-appreciation. 

Celebrate Yourself, Unashamedly

Instead of shaming your feet for any missteps they’ve made, celebrate them for how far they’ve taken you. However humbling your performances have been, commemorate all the dances. Acknowledge that it’s all been an elaborate, exquisite production. You’re improvising as you go. And the more you lean in, the more you’ll learn. 

Consider all the roles you’ve played, all the knowledge you’ve gathered as you’ve walked the many paths you’ve traveled on. 

Whatever flight from grace you may have fallen from, consider all that’s still possible. Think of all you might achieve if you get back on the saddle and ride confidently onwards. 

Express appreciation for all those miracles you’ve taken for granted. If you’re reading this now, be grateful for your eyes. Your ability to read is both a gift of human genetics and a skill you’ve cultivated throughout your lifetime. You may have struggled to read a sentence when you were five. Think of how far you’ve come. You’ve mispronounced and misspelled hundreds of words along the way, but you’re on a roll now. 

Or maybe you’ve overcome a disability, which makes you all the more applaudable.

You can write and speak thousands of words and string them together in ways that mostly make sense. It’s an achievement. Can you speak more than one language? Bravo! If you want to learn a new language, trust that you can. If you’re determined, and you practice consistently — if you put your mindset to motion on a day-to-day basis — you can speak any language you wish!

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What else would you like to learn? How to make ice-cream? How to make more cash flow into your business? How to increase your capacity for joy?

All of that and more is possible. Start with your imagination.

The Neuroscience of Self-Confidence

Many people have grown accustomed to seeing self-doubt and self-assuredness as opposite ends of a spectrum. If you have one, you can’t have the other. Or if you want one, you need to eliminate the other. 

From a neuroscientist’s perspective, we are never fully one thing or the other. Our brains are projecting our perceptions onto the world, based on what’s come before and what we predict might happen next. The brain is constantly active; it’s always changing states. How we see and understand anything depends on a whole storehouse of memories we’ve formed and are reforming. We exist as a million-and-one habits of mind. We can’t expect ourselves to eliminate doubt entirely. Indeed, just like mistakes and misfortunes, self-doubt is sometimes necessary.

Do you know the Myth of Icarus? In the Ancient Greek legend, Icarus was the son of a master craftsman, Daedalus. To help his son escape the island of Crete, Daedalus crafted his son a pair of wings out of feathers and wax. As the father fit those new wings onto his son’s back, Daedalus warned Icarus of the dangers of flying too close to the sun or to the sea. The dampness of the sea air might ruin the feathers. The heat of the sun might melt the wax that held the wings together. Either way, he risked falling to his death. 

As many adolescents are wired to do, Icarus ignored his father’s warning. Intoxicated by the thrill of flying, he flew higher and higher. Inching closer and closer to the sun, the wax of those wings melted. Icarus plunged into the sea.

The direction that Daedalus gave his son is what Buddhists might call: “the Middle Way.” It takes patience, commitment, and practice to fly at an altitude that is neither too high nor too low. It takes awareness and attention to cultivate a mindset that is neither heating up with hubris nor drowning in self-doubt.  

Any practice that helps you to develop a deeper, more consistent state of awareness of your behaviors, thoughts, perceptions, and attitudes will help develop a healthier sense of self.  After all, if you lack self-awareness, how can you be truly self-confident?

To head boldly in the direction of your dreams doesn’t mean you’ll never experience fear or doubt along the way. 

Unstoppable self-confidence means living with the wisdom that fear and self-doubt are temporary brain states. It means trusting that you have the capacity to learn from any experience.

One of the surest ways to cultivate a deeper sense of unstoppable self-confidence is to remain grounded in your deepest, innermost values. When you consistently live by those values, you’ll cherish the life you’re leading. You’ll hold yourself and your work in the highest esteem.

How to Be Unstoppable
  1. Take stock of all the many roads you’ve traveled: The wins and the losses. The fortunes and misfortunes. Be Grateful.
  1. Hone in on one win, any win. It might be as simple as successfully baking a loaf of rosemary focaccia for the first time or as complex as earning a PhD in Biochemistry. Be Aware.
  1. Make a list of all the mistakes you made leading up to that loaf of bread or that doctorate. Be Smart.
  1. If you were the baker of bread, what did you have to do to overcome your doubts about your abilities to make it happen?  If you’re a doctor, what critics did you have silence to pull through to the end of your degree? How did you push yourself to complete your project or achieve your goal
  2. ?  How did you overcome your sense that you weren’t “good enough”? Be Aware.
  1. Now articulate a new goal, one that aligns with your highest values. Visualize yourself as worthy: Determined, talented, and capable. Acknowledge the dozens of failures inherent in any one success. Apprehend what might go wrong when you work towards your new goal. How will you push through to the other side? In what ways will you carry on despite the setbacks? What plan do you have in place to consistently honor who you are? What practices do you have in place to esteem your efforts? To remain grateful for your life? How can you move ahead with integrity? Be Mindful.
  1. Take note of how you feel about yourself when you visualize meeting your new goal. Next time you experience self-doubt, remember the feeling of satisfaction of believing that you’re worthy. And relish in your new state of mind. Be Unstoppable!

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